Race Date
24 Apr 2022
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Lincoln CC
Ray Simmons

Brayford Pool, Lincoln, LN5 7BJ, United Kingdom

Lincoln Canoe Club invite you to join us for our hasler marathon on Sunday 24th April 2022. 

The race will be held in accordance with BC Marathon racing rules.  U14's racing in divisions A, B and C will qualify for the Geoff Sanders Memorial Trophy.

The race takes place on the Fossdyke Navigation (all divisions) and the River Witham (divisions 1-6). Geoff Sanders race will take place on the Brayford Pool. 

VENUE: Lincoln Canoe Club and the Brayford Pool, Lincoln. LN6 7TS. Check in, refreshments, results and prize giving at canoe club.

PARKING: Lincoln University and the Brayford Trust have kindly made limited parking spaces available near the venue (45-50 spaces). Alternate parking is available at the Brayford Street Pay and Display LN5 7BJ (this will incur charges and there will be a short carry for your boats to the club)


9.00 – 10.30 Check in (Priority Divs A, B & C) 
9.30                 Briefing Divs A, B & C
9.45                 Start Divs A,B & C

10.30               Briefing – Div 1 - 9 
10.45               Launching Div 1 - 9
11.15               Divisional starts

Prize giving will be once all races have finished and results are available.

COURSES: All paddlers will enter water opposite LCC clubhouse.

All races start and finish on the Brayford Pool.

The course includes the Fosse Dyke Navigation & Upper Witham.
The Low Bridges are back!

Divisions 1,2 and 3 Singles. Division 2 and 3 Doubles. 12 Miles – 3 Turns
Divisions 4,5 and 6 Singles. Division 4,5 and 6 Doubles. 8 Miles – 3 Turns
Divisions 7,8 & 9 Singles. Division 7,8 and 9 Doubles. 4 Miles – 1 Turn

Geoff Sanders Trophy. 3 1/2 Brayford Laps (2500m)
Note: There are no portages or weirs on any of these courses.

ENTRIES: Entries open on 21st March 2022, and close on 22nd April, however if you enter after 22nd April there is a late entry surcharge of £2.  

Seniors: £10

Juniors: £8

Geoff Sanders:  £5.  

Please make entries using the marathon race entry system.


Payments should be made to the Lincoln Canoe Club Account with reference Lincoln Hasler Team Entry (Details available on request)

PORTAGE: Paddlers in Divs 1-6 are recommended to inspect the low bridges before the race start.  

HAZARDS: Care should be taken around pleasure craft, fishermen and other river users. Divs 7 – 9 should beware of oncoming paddlers and keep river right.

SAFETY: All paddlers in Divisions 7 to 9 and U14s must wear approved buoyancy aids. Team leaders to decide if paddlers in higher divisions should wear them.

RULES: The race will be run in accordance with the current Marathon Racing Rules.

Please also ensure you have a compliant number board to display your race numbers.

PRIZES: For all races depending on entry.

NOTE: Lincoln Canoe Club reserves the right, without prior notice, to alter any of these arrangement should the weather or other circumstances warrant it.

If you have any access requirements, or for any queries or changes to entries please contact Ray Simmons at rajeffsimski@hotmail.com


Entry Details

Race types

    • Division 2 Singles
    • Division 3 Singles
    • Division 4 Singles
    • Division 5 Singles
    • Division 6 Singles
    • Division 7 Singles
    • Division 8 Singles
    • Division 9 Singles
    • Division 1 Singles
    • Division 2 Doubles
    • Division 3 Doubles
    • Division 4 Doubles
    • Division 5 Doubles
    • Division 6 Doubles
    • Division 7 Doubles
    • Division 8 Doubles
    • Division 9 Doubles
    • Geoff Sanders Division A
    • Geoff Sanders Division B
    • Geoff Sanders Division C

Entries are currently closed

Entries open
21 Mar 2022, 8 a.m.
Entries close
22 Apr 2022, 6 p.m.
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