Race Date
17 Jul 2022
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Wolverhampton CC
Laura Tarbuck

Ironbridge Rowing Club, Buildwas Road, Telford, England TF8 7BJ, United Kingdom


ALL B.C.U Marathon rules to be adhered to

Start:- Divisions 3 – 6 Singles / 1 – 6 Doubles   Ironbridge Rowing Club  Address  Buildwas Rd, Telford TF8 7BJ

             Divisions 7 – 9 Singles & Doubles           Severn Park Bridgnorth              Post code WV15 5AD


Seniors : £10

Juniors : £8

Geff Sanders Series : £5

Late Entry : £2

ALL CLASES FINISH AT SEVERN PARK BRIDGNORTH                                               

Divisions 1,2 &3 singles        1 /2, 3 Doubles       12  Miles no portages 2 turns            

Divisions 4,5,6 singles            4,5,6,  Doubles        8  Miles no portages                          

Divisions 7,8,9 singles            7,8,9,  Doubles        4  Miles no portages                          

Geff Sanders Series                                                  1.5  Miles no portages      

                                                                                                Booking in          Briefing             Start Time

Divisions 1,2 &3 singles        1 /2, 3 Doubles                        10.30am              11.35am            12 noon

Divisions 4,5,6 singles            4,5,6,  Doubles                         10.30am              11.35am            12 noon

Divisions 7,8,9 singles            7,8,9,  Doubles                         10.00am              11.35am            12 noon

Geff Sanders Series will start after the main race has finished

Geff Sanders race will take place after the main race and only if the river conditions allow   PLEASE BEAR WITH US AS WE TO HAVE GET TO BOTH STARTS AND SET UP


Rules:- Current  BCU membership cards must be shown a BCU event fee of £5.00 is payable for non- BCU and those unable to prove their membership in Div 7-9 only, Division 1-6 paddlers are not allowed to race without proof of BCU membership


The club reserve the right without prior notice to alter any of these arrangements should the weather or any other circumstances warrant it. In the event that we may have to cancel or alter the course we will post information on our facebook  as soon as we are able. Wolverhampton Canoe Club can not be held responsible for any loss/damage/injury incurred.


All boats to be fitted with regulation size WHITE vertical number boards with. Boat numbers:- Only the number you are issued with at check in must be used and NOT the ones issued when sent in on the HRM programme. INCORRECT NUMBERING OR ILLEGABLE NUMBERING WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION


Safety: The wearing of a buoyancy aid is compulsory in divisions 7 – 9 and those under 16 years & lightning race. If you are paddling in divisions 1 – 6 it is strongly advisable to wear a buoyancy aid. It is your responsibility to ensure you have buoyancy in your boat. Please remember in previous years boats have broken up or sunk at Jackfield Rapids we would suggest you use and old battered and beaten up boat with overstern rudder and not a new or nearly new boat. WOLVERHAMPTON CANOE CLUB WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE / LOSS TO EQUIPMENT HOW EVER CAUSED

Parking:- There is a pay & display system number plates are photographed  upon entry to Severn Park please ensure you purchase a ticket upon arrival unless you are dropping off be a ware there is a 20 minute leeway (post code WV15 5AD). All day parking £5.00 , please note that the parkingis card only at Severn Park.  It is with regret we are unable to offer a shuttle service between the Ironbridge start and Bridgenorth.

Prizes:- First Second and Third places

For any queries or for bank details please email w_toncanoeclub@yahoo.com

We look forward to seeing you all and wish everyone a good days racing.

Entry Details

Race types

    • Division 2 Singles
    • Division 3 Singles
    • Division 4 Singles
    • Division 5 Singles
    • Division 6 Singles
    • Division 7 Singles
    • Division 8 Singles
    • Division 9 Singles
    • Division 1 Singles
    • Division 2 Doubles
    • Division 3 Doubles
    • Division 4 Doubles
    • Division 5 Doubles
    • Division 6 Doubles
    • Division 7 Doubles
    • Division 8 Doubles
    • Division 9 Doubles
    • Geoff Sanders Division A
    • Geoff Sanders Division B
    • Geoff Sanders Division C
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Open
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Mini

Entries are currently open

Entries open
20 Jun 2022, 9 a.m.
Late entries
13 Jul 2022, 12:02 a.m.
Entries close
14 Jul 2022, midnight

This race takes advance payment or you can pay later

Senior paddler
£ 10.00
Junior paddler
£ 8.00
Geoff Sanders Series paddler
£ 4.00
Geoff Sanders Series paddler
£ 4.00
Late entry surcharge
£ 2.00 Online entries received after 13 Jul 2022, 12:02 a.m.
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