Race Date
22 May 2022
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Malton & Norton
Paul Roebuck

YO17 7ED, Malton, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Malton Hasler

Sunday 22nd May 2022

Malton & Norton Canoe Club, Sheepfoot Hill, Malton. YO17 7ED


Malton & Norton Canoe Club

c/o Paul Roebuck

Jasmin Cottage

Barton Le WIllows,


Tel 07808096206       

e-mail paul.roebuck@molsoncoors.com




The start and control point will be at the club boat house just off Sheepfoot Hilll Malton.  There is free car parking available opposite the club but you can pull in to the small club car park to drop off your boat before moving across the road where there is more space to park.  

Note: The A64 is a popular holiday route which becomes heavily congested at the 2 lanes into one section (Hopgrove roundabout) this could delay you by 20 minutes. Please drive carefully and to the speed limits, speed camera vans are often on the route. Should you find yourself delayed by a traffic incident please contact us on the above number, we may be able to be flexible on your race start.

The Event

The event will consist of a divisional Hasler marathon and Geoff Sanders Trophy

The races will be run in accordance with the BC Marathon Committee rules.


Division 1-3 singles and 2 & 3 doubles - 12 miles.

Division 4-6 singles and doubles – 8 miles. 

Division 7-9 singles and doubles – 4 miles.

Geoff Sanders Trophy A, B & C (Age under 14 at 1st January 2021) – 2 miles

All paddlers in Divisions 9 and above should wear their club colour to qualify for Hasler points. A plain coloured T-shirt in club colours is also acceptable.

Entry Fees

£8.00 – 18 years and over per seat  

£5.00 – Under 18’s in Hasler divisions

£2.50 – Geoff Sanders Trophy


All entrants must have full British Canoeing  membership for Div 1-6 or, at least, BC Associate Club membership for Div 7 to 9. Otherwise a British Canoeing Event fee of £5 will be payable as per rule 12b.


Please enter via British Canoeing Race Entry System. https://entries.gbcanoemarathon.co.uk/entries  (Deadline 12 noon on race day)

Direct payment is not available online via MRC Registration so please check-out without paying. Team leaders please pay on the day (Cash or cheque to Malton & Norton Canoe Club).

Please enter in advance if possible but entries will also be accepted on the day.

Check-in time   

10.00am – 11.30am. Race briefing at 11.45am


A drink and some biscuit type junk stuff will be provided for all competitors after the event, there is a Morrisons supermarket nearby for those in need of something more substantial.

Race Start Time 

Order: - 12 mile, 8 mile & 4 mile followed by Geoff Sanders Trophy.

The start time for the first division will be at 12 noon and the start order will be explained at the race briefing. Bear in mind that there may not be any paddlers in the higher divisions, therefore please be prepared to start your race from midday.

Numbers on Boats

All paddlers should display their number clearly on their boat. These should be black letters on white upright boards as specified in BC Marathon Committee rules. We do have a limited number of laminated number boards we will supply. Please return these after the race.

Access to the water

Via steps to a pontoon - Paddlers should assemble on the water downstream of the start and will be called forward to the starting line, by division.

Course and Turns

From the start line head upstream all turns are anticlockwise.

2 mile course is to the Church and back.

4 mile to the A64 road bridge and back.

8 mile – to be confirmed. Possibly to Ryemouth and back this is our preferred course, if this is not navigable beyond the A64 bridge we will have to use the 4 mile course with the lap round the Island between laps.

12 mile – One long lap followed by one short lap.

Due to the nature of the course it is unlikely we will be staging any portaging.

A map will be available at Check-in


Paddlers should cross the finish line in their kayak/canoe.

Note. Spectators are not allowed on the jetty except to assist junior paddlers/ paddlers with mobility issues launch and exit, BA to be worn on the pontoon in such cases.

Rules of the River

It is unlikely there will be any other craft using the waterway. Please paddle on the right side of the river as much as possible, and be courteous to any fishermen, there may be the odd one or two lurking.  The course hazards may include fallen / overhanging trees which all paddlers need to be aware of. At 1.5 mile upriver there is a strong flow to contend with, although hard work this is soon conquered and makes for a fast stretch coming back. Pick your line carefully on the return and take care to avoid tree branches in the water river left.


Interim results will be posted at the boathouse after the race has finished. Full results will be available on the British Canoeing Marathon Results site.


Prize-giving will take place as soon as possible after all paddlers have finished.

Prizes will be awarded to 1st 2nd & 3rd in each division where there are sufficient competitors.

All Geoff Sanders competitors will receive a certificate.


“Canoeing and kayaking are ‘Assumed risk’ – ‘Water contact sports’ that may carry attendant risks. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own action and involvement”.   British Canoeing Statement.


Paddlers of all ages and abilities are very welcome to take part in this event, however, individual clubs should ensure that their paddlers are appropriately equipped, and suitably experienced to participate. If it is deemed necessary that an individual requires a support paddler, this should be provided by the individual’s club wherever possible. It is the responsibility of Team Leaders and competitors to consider and check whether they are properly equipped for the race: taking into account fitness, ability, the course and the prevailing conditions. If you see a fellow competitor in difficulty or who has capsized, please offer them help, and provide assistance if requested. Ensure they can cope with the situation well enough to get out of the water before moving on.

 Buoyancy aids must be worn by all paddlers ranked in Divisions 7 – 9 inclusive and Geoff Sanders Trophy. For juniors racing in higher divisions, the use of buoyancy aids will be at their team managers’ and parents’ discretion.

The Race Organiser reserves the right to insist that all competitors wear buoyancy aids in the case of adverse water or weather conditions.

The river level currently is near the minimum that we would expect – as good as it gets for racing.

However, any substantial rainfall could result in much higher river levels and a much more challenging race – team leaders should check on EA website for flood warnings and consider withdrawing your more novice paddlers from racing or switching them to more stable craft / doubling up, feel free to get in touch for advice.

Any medical condition(s) that may affect a competitor's ability to race safely must be declared to the race organisers at check-in. First Aid facilities are available on site.

Spectators will be able to watch from the bank at the start line -  sensible footwear needed.

Organisers, participants and spectators will be required to comply with any Covid related regulations or guidance applicable on the day of the event.

Toilet and changing facilities

There are toilets and changing facilities in the boathouse.


Please take all litter home with you or place in the bin bags for us to dispose of.

Entry Details

Race types

    • Division 2 Singles
    • Division 3 Singles
    • Division 4 Singles
    • Division 5 Singles
    • Division 6 Singles
    • Division 7 Singles
    • Division 8 Singles
    • Division 9 Singles
    • Division 2 Doubles
    • Division 1 Singles
    • Division 3 Doubles
    • Division 4 Doubles
    • Division 5 Doubles
    • Division 6 Doubles
    • Division 7 Doubles
    • Division 8 Doubles
    • Division 9 Doubles
    • Geoff Sanders Division A
    • Geoff Sanders Division B
    • Geoff Sanders Division C
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Open
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Mini

Entries are currently open

Entries open
3 May 2022, noon
Entries close
22 May 2022, noon
Senior paddler
£ 8.00
Junior paddler
£ 5.00
Geoff Sanders Series paddler
£ 2.50
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