Race Date
11 Jun 2022
Race Type
Assessment Race
Organising Club
Nottingham CC
Norman Mason

Nottingham Kayak Club, Trentside North, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FA

K2/C2 long course marathon assessment race at Nottingham

Saturday  11th June 2022

Venue  Nottingham Kayak Club,  Trentside North,  West Bridgford ,  Nottingham,   NG25FA

Car Parking

Car parking will be at The Environment Agency car park,  Scarrington Road,  (off Ladybay Bridge Road)  West Bridgford, Nottingham,  Post code NG2 5BR,  See club web site for detailed directions.

Please note.  There is a cricket test match at the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground on the day of the race.

It is possible  that there will be major traffic congestion in the area around the car park.  The car park will be opened at 10.00 am.  and locked again at 5.00 pm for the rest of the weekend. It is unlikely that there will be anywhere else to park locally because of the test match at Trent Bridge Cricket Match.   Please park as directed by stewards. 

There will be a gate open from this carpark to access Trentside North where there is launching and race control at Nottingham Kayak Club.

Please do not drive onto Trentside North at all.

Course maps, parking map and up to date information on conditions will be available on the Nottingham Kayak Club website at


Start times  (approx.)

Senior Men 12-30

Junior Men 12-32

Senior Women 12-34

Junior Women 12 -36

The starts will be at The Suspension Bridge which is approximately 1km upstream of Nottingham Kayak Club

Warming up should be done upstream of the Suspension Bridge once earlier races have started.

Check in from 10-00 am

Briefing 11-30 am



These should be made on line using the race management system

at https://entries.gbcanoemarathon.co.uk/entries 

Entries can be made after Monday 23rd May 2022.

Pre entries will close on Wednesday 8th June and after this date,  entries received will be classed as late entries and incur an extra fee.  Payment should be made to the club account.  Details are given below.

The entry fees are Seniors £10-00 per seat, Juniors £8-00 per seat. If making payment for late-entries, please use cash or cheque.

Late entries will be charged at £5-00 extra

Late entries may be made up until 90 minutes before the start of the races.

Payment should be made by BACS to Nottingham Kayak Club

Account Sort Code 09 01 29

Account Number  43223974

Please give the paddlers or team leaders surname followed by the word “Assess” as the reference when making a bank transfer.


Senior Men  2 long laps + 2 shorter laps + 4 portages         26.6 km

Senior Women        1 long lap + 3 shorter laps + 4 portages            24.4 km

Junior Men               2 long laps + 1 short lap + 3 portages        21.3 km

Junior Women         1 long lap + 2 shorter laps + 3 portages          19.1 km


The race will be run using the recommended British Canoe Marathon Racing Committee rules as per the canoe racing handbook. 

All paddlers using disposable drinks systems are required to mark them with their boat number. Other food/drink items should also be numbered.   Any paddler who disposes of their drink system or food/drink wrappers outside of the portage area may be subject to a time penalty.

All paddlers must race wearing  the marathon racing colours of the club they are listed as racing for in the Marathon Ranking List.  Paddlers who race as Independents must wear an all-white top.  In the event that poor weather requires the use of extra layers or buoyancy aids, club colours should be worn on top.

All boats must have sufficient buoyancy at the front and back to make the boat unsinkable if it were to fill with water.

Paddlers must not gain assistance on the washes of boats that are racing in classes other than their own.

Number Boards

Number boards will be provided for the event at check in.  

Boat Washing

The Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) are fighting a battle against the spread of invasive plant species such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed and Floating Pennywort in the canal and rivers system in the country. Pictures on the CRT website show the effect that the spread of these plants can have on our waterways.  In the Midlands region last year one canoe marathon had to be cancelled because of this. To aid the CRT will you please wash and dry your boat before coming to the Nottingham race and again afterwards when you return home before going on other water.

Participation and Safety

Kayak/Canoe racing is an “Assumed risk” activity.  Participants and people with parental/legal responsibility for a participant should be aware of and accept these risks.  Participants should accept responsibility for their own actions and involvement.

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, Nottingham Kayak Club accept no liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage to anybody (whether arising in contract, tort including negligence or otherwise) arising out of or in conjunction with any of its activities except for personal injury or death of any person caused by negligence.

Nottingham Kayak Club may take and use pictures of the event and individual competitors to promote the activities of the club and the sport.  This will be done in accordance with British Canoeing Guidelines for use of Photographic & Filming Equipment.

Participants are strongly advised the wearing of shoes or other protective footwear to prevent injury, as the portage may involve rough ground. 

In the event of challenging river or weather conditions buoyancy aids may be made compulsory for the event.  They are advisable anyway.

Changing Rooms and Showers

Changing rooms, showers and toilets will be available at NKC premises.


Refreshments will be available for paddlers after the race at NKC premises.

Refreshments will be on sale in Nottingham Kayak club for supporters. Payment in cash

First Aid

First Aid will be available at NKC premises.


Results will be available at NKC premises and placed on the club website and the Marathon Racing Website.


The race organisers reserve the right to modify, cancel or postpone the event up to and including on the day in the case of an incident, emergency or conditions. We would do our best to notify team leaders and paddlers via the necessary channels.

Detailed course description

There are three places where there are turns in the race.

Turn A is downstream of the club (near TS Orion Sea Cadets centre) and is anticlockwise.  This is the turning point for the long laps only.

Turn B is turning round the bridge piers on Ladybay Bridge and is clockwise.

This is a turning point for short laps only.

Turn C is turning around the Toll Bridge bridge piers and is anticlockwise and is just after the portage.

All starts will be at the Suspension Bridge and will be downstream.

All finishes will be adjacent to Nottingham Kayak Club premises and will all be downstream.

Senior Men

Start-> turn A -> portage 1 ->  turn C -> turn A -> portage 2 -> turn C - > turn B -> portage 3 -> turn C -> turn B -> portage 4 ->turn C -> finish at NKC

Senior Women

Start-> turn A -> portage 1 ->  turn C -> turn B -> portage 2 -> turn C - > turn B -> portage 3 -> turn C -> turn B -> portage 4 ->turn C -> finish at NKC

Junior Men

Start-> turn A -> portage 1 ->  turn C -> turn A -> portage 2 -> turn C - > turn B -> portage 3 -> turn C ->  finish at NKC

Junior Women

Start-> turn A -> portage 1 ->  turn C -> turn B -> portage 2 -> turn C - > turn B -> portage 3 -> turn C ->  finish at NKC

Entry Details

Race types

Entries are currently closed

Entries open
24 May 2022, midnight
Late entries
8 Jun 2022, midnight
Entries close
11 Jun 2022, 11 a.m.
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