Race Date
10 Oct 2021
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Malton & Norton
Paul Roebuck

Malton, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom




10 Miles from Malton Canoe Club (YO17 9HS). to Howsham Bridge.(YO60 7PA) 

2 Weirs to run or portage. 

Start time window. 

Any time from 11am to 1pm. 

Entry Fee  

Adults £8. 

Juniors £5. 

Cash or cheques made out to Malton & Norton Canoe Club


The Route. 

Malton Canoe Club –  Launching from the pontoon we will give you your start time and see you on your way. If you want a warm up – head up river from the pontoon and return to the pontoon branch of the river to start. 

The 1st stretch of river is down to Kirkham bridge  – about 7miles – 1st weir is here, a short distance after the bridge. Portage is river right with a short trek along the footpath through the trees to get to a suitable get in. Shooting the weir is an option in the centre of the weir – there is a fish ladder at extreme right but this is hazardous due to a tree obstructing it so must not be used. The weir is a scrape at low water but not recommended for under stern boats no matter the flow! Please keep well clear of river left (Priory side) due to the sluice which presents a major safety risk – strongly recommend inspecting this first before attempting to run. 

Howsham beckons – this next stretch is often blocked by fallen trees, there may be a way through, or it could be a case of a quick portage around any tree you come across. Up to date status will be given at the start. 

3 miles on and Howsham weir is there to be run or portaged it’s up to you and how brave you are. Portaging can be done down the face of the weir or up and round the Archimedean screws but beware the mill stream which could result in a swim and pin so river right could be a safer option. 

There is a silted up canal cut on river left which is just about navigable – and a low weedy/nettle covered bank to scramble up before either walk across the island to the get in or a long walk to the finish line – this could work for anyone who doesn’t fancy going near the weir).  

Then it is just a dash down to the bridge and finish. 

Some approx.. distances. 

Cherry Island – 3 miles 

Railway bridge 3.25miles 

Foot bridge 3.35miles 

Kirkham Bridge 6.75 miles 

Kirkham Weir 6.85 miles (safety cover provided) 

Howsham Mill & Weir 9.50 miles (safety cover provided) 

Howsham Bridge 9.75 miles = 15.6Km 

For your own safety it is recommended under 18’s & novice paddlers are accompanied, note that the river is very narrow in places made worse by overhanging and fallen trees. Care should be exercised around the trees and the weirs. Both weirs can be shot but possibly only in descent or robust boats. At low river levels there is a risk of damage to boats and equipment on the weirs, at high levels there is the usual risk of retention at the weir face especially in the case of Howsham weir canoe shoot . If in doubt get out and portage. Under 14’s may wish to finish their race at Kirkham portage point but will need collecting from there.



Check the river levels the night before. If the river reads higher than 3.5m at Malton we would have to consider cancelling. 


2.5m is good – both weirs can be shot 

3.0m+  - starting to get a bit technical  

3.5m+ Howsham weir will be flat! Kirkham weir just a punch through the wave at the bottom. 

2.0m or less – 1st weir will be a scrape, 2nd weir – only the canoe shoot will have water down it. 

Driving to the start – if you have time – stop off at Howsham and Kirkham and inspect the weirs to decide your strategy. 

Allow time to shuttle cars – saves time at the end. 

If you intend shooting the weirs – we recommend you bring a helmet. 

BA’s are required for under 18's and all Div7's plus! 

Get dry kit & car keys to the end. 







If you are unwell or showing symptoms – do not attend this event. 

Social distance as much as you can. 

Wash hands regularly and thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. 

Lift sharing is not recommended unless from the same household and if you do lift share with people you don’t live with then face coverings, windows open, short journeys are to be advised. 

Do not handle other peoples’ equipment – boats, paddles, spraydecks, helmets, water bottles etc. 

We have a Toilet available at Malton – surfaces (door handle, flush, toilet seat wiped with disinfectant wipes) will be cleaned regularly. There is a composting loo at Howsham mill that we will be able to use. 

No changing in the clubhouse unless absolutely necessary.  


Additional measures required. 

Arrival at club – park as directed across the road in the carpark. 

Change into paddling gear, if you need to, in the car park. 

Wait by your car with boat(we will try and facilitate boat drop off before parking) and kit until invited to cross to clubhouse side of the road. 

Make your way to top of the steps and wait to be invited down to the pontoon. Give your name and you will be given a race number to securely attach to your boat. 

Once on the pontoon get into your boat facing downstream and start as soon as starter indicates. 


To find us, exit A64  – straight along the B1248 until the traffic lights – turn right onto Castlegate, past Morrisons – then take left turn immediately before the river bridge – Sheepfoot Hill. As soon as you come off Castlegate onto Sheepfoot Hill turn right into the club carpark – kill your speed as you turn in – there is a risk of grounding above 5mph. Nearest post code YO17 9HS. You can unload then move boat to carpark across the road or shuttle to Howsham. 


Kirkham Weir – tricky but not too difficult, keep away from sluice and fish ladder at the left and right ends of the weir. There is dip in weir lip when viewed from approach – go for this but angle left on weir face to avoid some rocks at the bottom, then hard right as you leave the weir face to avoid pin/tree tangle on island then thread through left to go for the main flow. Portage river right as shown if preferred. 


Howsham weir – canoe shoot for the brave, or portage but you will need to portage via the canal cut if river level is high. 



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