Race Date
8 May 2022
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Tamar Valley Nomads
Helen Rosser, Richard Walker

Calstock, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Venue: Calstock Village Hall, Calstock, Cornwall, PL18 9QA

Timings:    Check in from 0815-0915

Briefing 0915 for Team Leaders only in Village Hall

Under14s Geoff Sanders Trophy starts from 1000

Hasler Starts from 1030(high water 1125)

Races:  Divs 1-3  K1 & Divs 2-3 K2          12miles

    Divs 4-6 K1 & K2                           8miles

    Divs 7-9 K1 & K2                           4miles

    Under14s A, B, C                           2miles

Fees: £10 Senior and Junior. £5 Under14s races

  British Canoeing day ticket for non-members £5

Entries: By British Canoeing Race Entry System. Any entries received  later than 1600 on 4th May will incur a £3 late entry fee per paddler. Payment via BACs (details available on request from tvnsecretary@hotmail.com) or by cash on the day. Any payments after 4/5/22 by cash on the day please.

Parking: Calstock Parish Council  have kindly agreed to provide use of the Village playing field for parking accessed via the main  carpark behind the village hall. Please use this field in preference to taking up space in the main carpark.

Camping: Due to the early start, permission has been given for a limited number of tents to be pitched at the North end of the playing field (furthest end from the river). Please contact Richard if you wish to camp the night beforehand: Walkerrh@hotmail.co.uk  or 07751 347064

Buoyancy Aids: These must be worn by all paddlers ranked in divisions 7-9 and Geoff Sanders irrespective of race entered. All under 18s must wear buoyancy aids with the exception of those entered in div 6 or higher with their Team Leader's permission. The race organiser may insist that additional  paddlers of any division wear buoyancy aids and or spray decks if conditions on the day warrant this. 

Rules: Races will be conducted as per BC Marathon Racing Rules. Club vests/colours must be worn for Hasler points to be awarded.

Course: The course will take place on the Tidal River Tamar. Although it will involve no portages, footwear is strongly recommended due to the muddy banks and access and egress points. 

Additional Info: Sea kayaks & surf skis are welcome to enter and will be eligible for club points. Safety cover will be provided and various points along the course consisting of sea kayaks and a motor boat. As per Marathon racing rules, paddlers are obliged to stop and help any fellow paddlers in difficulty.  Race control and first aid will be based in the village hall. Public toilets are situated behind the village hall with additional toilets within the hall. Drinks and cakes will be available from the village hall.



Starts: All starts will be approximately 10metres upstream of the pontoon and all start facing upstream. A Marshall will be on the pontoon to call boats forward from the marshaling area between the pontoon and railway bridge. The start line will also be the finish line. Please finish  toward Calstock side of river to ensure number boards can be seen.

Under14s 2miles: Start, 1mile upstream to sharp right hand bend. Anticlockwise turn around buoy and return to start/finish line 

4mile circuit: Start, 2miles upstream to sloping wall at North end of New Quay. Anticlockwise turn around buoy and return to start/finish line

8mile circuit: Start, upstream past 4mile turn buoy at New Quay, past Morewellham Quay. Anticlockwise turn around Morewellham Island (grassy Island just around right hand bend beyond the quay). Paddle back past start line, under railway bridge, straight past boat yard. Take left hand river bend and turn anticlockwise around buoy opposite Cotehele Quay. Return to finish line.

12mile circuit: complete the 8mile circuit, followed by 4mile circuit.



Entry Details

Race types

    • Division 2 Singles
    • Division 3 Singles
    • Division 4 Singles
    • Division 5 Singles
    • Division 6 Singles
    • Division 7 Singles
    • Division 8 Singles
    • Division 9 Singles
    • Division 1 Singles
    • Division 2 Doubles
    • Division 3 Doubles
    • Division 4 Doubles
    • Division 5 Doubles
    • Division 6 Doubles
    • Division 7 Doubles
    • Division 8 Doubles
    • Division 9 Doubles
    • Geoff Sanders Division A
    • Geoff Sanders Division B
    • Geoff Sanders Division C
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Open
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Mini

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Entries open
17 Apr 2022, 12:20 p.m.
Late entries
4 May 2022, 4:01 p.m.
Entries close
7 May 2022, noon
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