Race Date
5 Mar 2023
Race Type
Thameside Series
Organising Club
Reading CC
Brian Greenham

Reading Rowing Club, Thames Promenade, Reading, England RG1 8BD, United Kingdom


19-Feb-2023 Thameside 1
05-Mar-2023 Thameside 2

Thameside 1: Aldermaston to Reading

Starting from Aldermaston Bridge, Thameside 1 is a time trial down the Kennet & Avon Canal, onto River Kennet, through Reading town centre onto the River Thames. A left turn where the mouth of the Kennet meets the Thames takes competitors upstream and over Caversham Lock, finishing upstream of Caversham Bridge at Reading Canoe Club on the right hand bank.

Parking / Facilities

Pre-event parking in the British Rail car park at Aldermaston station, please note that facilities at Aldermaston are very limited. Post-event parking will be limited so RCC asks that you park legally and considerately. There will be hot showers and food available at the finish.

Approximate total distance: 12 miles, Portages: 12

Thameside 2: Reading to Marlow

This is a downstream race with mass class starts, starting in Reading and finishing at Marlow.

Start and Check in will be behind Reading Rowing Club on the south bank of the river near the Rivermead Sports Centre and Holiday Inn Hotel, opposite Reading Canoe club. The finish will be at Higginson Park, Marlow.

Please note paddler food will be provided at start.

Approximate total distance: 18.5 miles, Portages: 8

Race Entry

Senior: Pre-entries: £16 per seat per race

Junior: Pre-entries: £12 per seat per race

British Canoeing (BC) Membership Day Ticket £5

Late entries: £4 additional per seat

  • Entries can only be made online this year. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 14:00 ON THE DAY PRECEDING EACH RACE
  • Early bird entries will be accepted until noon on the Friday preceding the race you are entering
  • Late entries will be accepted up to 14:00 on the Saturday preceding the race, but will incur an additional charge of £4 per seat
  • Payment is via the online entry system only
  • Comprehensive BC membership is required. Please bring your card on the day
  • Those without proof of BC membership will be charged £5 for an event day ticket
  • Entry fees include Thames Licences, light refreshments and the use of shower and changing facilities at finishing points.


Junior Senior Veteran Ladies Mixed Jun/Vet
K1 & K2 K1 & K2
C1 & C2
K1 & K2 K1 & K2 K2 K2
  • Juniors must be under 19 on January 1st in the year of the race.
  • Veterans must be aged 35 or over on January 1st in the year of the race.
  • A Junior/Veteran boat must be made up of paddlers from both classes.


Thameside 1, at the finish prizes will be awarded as follows:
1st place in all classes, 2nd place where five or more starters, 3rd place where ten or more starters

Thameside 2 there is no prize giving at the end.

Race Day

Please visit Reading Canoe Club - Thamesides for race day timings


  • Canoeing​ ​and​ ​Kayaking​ ​in​ ​all​ ​its​ ​forms​ ​is​ ​an​ ​‘Assumed​ ​Risk​ ​–​ ​Water​ ​Contact’​ ​sport.​ ​The organisers​ ​have​ ​done​ ​their​ ​very​ ​best​ ​to​ ​provide​ ​a​ ​safe​ ​racing​ ​environment
  • Competitors and team leaders should note that competitors participate at their own risk, and that Reading Canoe Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to person or property however caused
  • Team leaders must bring to the race organiser’s attention any paddlers that are known to suffer with medical conditions that could adversely affect their safety. The race organizer will then decide what, if any, extra control measures to put in place to ensure the safety of the paddler
  • The course is open to others and you must be mindful of all others, and courteous, whether they are competitors/supporters/general public, on and off the water
  • Competitors must provide support to any other paddler in distress, and should attempt to raise the attention of one of the marshals along the course
  • The rules of the river/waterway should be observed at all times.

Kit Requirements

In the event of cold weather, paddlers considered by the race organisers to be too lightly dressed will not be permitted to take part. The safety marshalʼs decision in this matter will be final.

Buoyancy Aids

  • All paddlers under the age of 18 years on 1st January in the year of the race must wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket
  • Division 7-9 paddlers must​ wear buoyancy aids, regardless of the class entered
  • It is recommended that all other paddlers wear a buoyancy aid or life jacket and dress appropriately, since river conditions can be adverse at this time of the year – we may also declare on race day it is compulsory for ALL classes, ALL paddlers

Boat Buoyancy

All boats must carry sufficient buoyancy secured in both ends to support their own weight plus that of crew members in the water, e.g. inflated airbags or fixed buoyancy blocks. Boats may be inspected before the start and any boats not meeting the requirements will not be allowed to race.


All paddlers who fail to finish must report this, with their boat number, to a Marshal. Alternatively report to race control on 07747334590

Entry Details

Entries are closed as this event has been cancelled

Race types

    • Senior Men K1
    • Senior Men K2
    • Senior Ladies K1
    • Senior Ladies K2
    • Junior Men K1
    • Junior Ladies K1
    • Senior C1
    • Senior C2
    • Veteran K1
    • Veteran K2
    • Mixed K2
    • Junior Veteran K2
    • Junior Men K2
    • Junior Ladies K2
Entries open
23 Jan 2023, midnight
Late entries
23 Feb 2023, noon
Entries close
23 Feb 2023, 6:45 p.m.
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