Race Date
29 Oct 2023
Race Type
Hasler Race
Organising Club
Banbury & District
Graham Warland

OX16 2PR, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom



Banbury & District Canoe Club Marathon

A Southern Region Hasler Race

Compton Road Carpark, Castle Quay, Banbury, OX16 2PR

Sunday 29th October 2023.



Follow signs to Castle Quay Shopping Centre car parks. See Word document below.

We will have exclusive use of the car park area at Compton Road where the event will be held and note that there will be no charge for the car park this year.

Due to the development that has taken place in the past 3 years it will not be possible to unload boats prior to the start of the race as in previous years. Please leave your boats on your car until you are ready to get onto the water.

Alternatively, there is parking available in the Riverside Carpark on the opposite side of the canal where there is a large, grassed area next to the canal.

Please do not park in the Coach Park behind Hilliers Garden Centre or on the road as this will incur a parking fine. We will try to accommodate trailers in the event area and, if necessary, double park.



Divisions. Singles, 1 - 9 K1

Divisions. Doubles, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Geoff Sanders K1

Geoff Sanders K2

Fun race




Division 1, 2, 3 K1 & Division 2, 3 K2 - 12 miles 14 portages


Division 4, 5, 6 K1 & Division 4, 5, 6 K2 - 8 miles, 6 portages


Division 7, 8, 9 K1 & Division 7, 8, 9 K2 - 4 miles, 2 portages

GS K1, GSK2 and Fun Race – 2.2 miles, 0 portages




9.00 am - Booking in. Note Club Team Leaders only and not individuals.


10.00 am - Briefing for Geoff Sanders K2 and Fun Race

10.30 am - Start GS K2 and Fun Race

11.30 am - Race briefing for all divisional and GS Series K1 races

12.00 pm - Starts for Divisions 1-9

12.15 pm - Starts for Geoff Sanders K1









Juniors £10.00 per seat.  Seniors £12.00 per seat. Geoff Sanders K1 and Fun Race - £3.00 per seat. Note that the Geoff Sanders K1 charge also covers their K2 as well.

Event/Day tickets £5.00 for those not a member of British Canoeing or an affiliated club, as required by British Canoeing for insurance purposes.






Using the MRC Race Management entry system https://entries.gbcanoemarathon.co.uk/entries and payments to be received by Saturday evening latest using STRIPE. If any issues with using STRIPE then please contact both graham.warland@gmail.com  tamsen.flack@btinternet.com

Note that we will be accepting late entries on the day. Current BC cards or photocopies to be provided as proof of membership for late entries or if there is no current BC membership shown on the Race Management system pre-entry. Booking in by teamleaders only.




Buoyancy aids to be worn as per Racing Yearbook 2023 by all Division 7, 8, 9, and Geoff Sanders Series paddlers, including K2 and Fun race.




As per Marathon Racing Yearbook 2023 - note club colours must be worn to score Hasler points.




Toilets will be available at the race venue and at the shopping centre.




Light refreshments available. (Free to competitors). As part of the club’s green policy could you please bring your own mugs as we are trying to limit the number of disposable cups that are used.




The provisional results will be posted as soon as possible on https://entries.gbcanoemarathon.co.uk/entries, Facebook and   www.banburycanoeclub.com with the official ones posted on the MRC website and www.banburycanoeclub.com once ratified.



Entry Details

Race types

    • Geoff Sanders Division A
    • Geoff Sanders Division B
    • Geoff Sanders Division C
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Open
    • Geoff Sanders K2 Mini
    • Division 1 Singles
    • Division 2 Singles
    • Division 3 Singles
    • Division 4 Singles
    • Division 5 Singles
    • Division 6 Singles
    • Division 7 Singles
    • Division 8 Singles
    • Division 9 Singles
    • Division 2 Doubles
    • Division 3 Doubles
    • Division 7 Doubles
    • Division 8 Doubles
    • Division 9 Doubles
    • Division 4 Doubles
    • Division 5 Doubles
    • Division 6 Doubles

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Entries open
1 Oct 2023, 9 a.m.
Entries close
29 Oct 2023, 9:30 a.m.
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