Race Date
13 Feb 2022
Race Type
Thames Series
Organising Club
Richmond CC
Robyn von Maltzahn

Richmond Canoe Club, Landsdowne Boathouse, Richmond, England TW10 6UT, United Kingdom

This is the last event in the Thames 10k K2 Winter races for 2021-22, hosted at Richmond Canoe Club

Briefing at 9:15am for a 10am start

Classes are based on the marathon division of both paddlers combined

Class 1: Combined division between 4-7 (10km)

Class 2: Combined division between 8-11 (10km)

Class 3: Combined division between 12-15 (10km)

Class 4: Combined division of 16+ (5km)

Entry Details

Race types

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Entries open
2 Feb 2022, noon
Entries close
13 Feb 2022, 11 a.m.
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