Race Date
10–11 Jul 2021
Race Type
Nationals Race
Organising Club
Reading CC
Brian Greenham

Thameside Promenade, Reading, south bank of the Thames, upstream of Caversham Bridge. Follow signs to Reading town centre, then signs for Caversham. Canoe Race signs will be seen near Caversham Bridge. Please note: no parking available at RCC.



Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th July 2021


Reading Canoe Club


Thames Promenade, Richfield Avenue, Caversham, Reading, RG1 8EQ. 


Entries to be made using the online entry system 


Entries will open on the 28th June (subject to Covid restrictions being clear at this point)

Entries will close on the 5th July at 23:59


Entries will be capped based on Covid restrictions, these caps may be by class or by starting block or both.  Entry will be on a first come first served basis. While we will try to avoid it, the organisers along with the MRC reserve the right to prioritise the Open and Junior race classes if needed.


£15.00 per seat for Adults
£10.00 per seat for Juniors
£5.00 per seat for Introductory race 

Payment for entries should be made online with race entry.

Subject to sufficient entries to cover costs, 75p per seat will be donated to Headway, Reading Canoe Club’s nominated charity.


Amendments to confirmed entries will be permitted up until 2 hours prior to the race start.



Team Leader Check in ONLY: from 7:30 on Saturday morning at Race Control on the Thames Promenade. There will be no access to the canoe club.

Event t-shirts are available for pre-order only. They can be collected from Race Control during the event. There will be no t-shirts on sale during or after the event. 

Pre-order your tshirt here - http://nationals.reading-canoe.org.uk/event-t-shirt/


The event is operating within the government's Covid restrictions and a full risk assessment has been developed. You are required to abide with the policies and procedures. Please DO NOT attend if you, or any member of your household or support bubble, have any Covid symptoms or you have been asked to self isolate.  A list of the government’s recognised Covid-19 symptoms is available here https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/ If you are unable to attend please email nationals@reading-canoe.org.uk.

We strongly encourage all eligible attendees without Covid symptoms to take advantage of the government's free Covid-19 testing program, details of which are found here - https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing/regular-rapid-coronavirus-tests-if-you-do-not-have-symptoms/. Please take advantage of this option and test prior to attending the event. 

The Covid-19 Officer for this event is Hannah Sealey. 

Phone numbers must be provided on entry: All contact information will be retained for 21 days for test and trace purposes. NB: if you are entering on behalf of someone else, you are responsible for having contact information for those individuals that you can provide to Test and Trace if required. 

There will be a marked area defined as the field of play (FOP), inside this area group sizes should be kept to an absolute minimum and no more than 30. This area is only to be accessed by race organisers and competitors and, where absolutely necessary their guardians, when preparing to launch

Please do not enter the FOP until your race is called.  Please then get on the water as directed via the entry funnel and warm up downstream of the start

After your race please move through the FOP as quickly as possible.  A marshal will be available to collect race numbers at this point.  There is no prize giving. On the day and results will only be available online. 

No Spectators are allowed in the FOP. Please be aware that this is a public site and groups watching the race even from elsewhere on the river bank will be associated with the event and will be considered as representing the sport to the local community. Please maintain social distancing even when outside the race area. 

There will be no on the day briefings please refer to the briefing documents on the event website prior to attending.  Team leaders please make sure your paddlers are aware of these documents. 

There is a cap on numbers for each start window and entries will be on a first come first served basis, we have made every effort to spread the races out and split them based on previous class sizes so hopefully there will be little impact but please enter early to avoid disappointment.

There is NO ACCESS to Reading Canoe Club on the north side of the river for non club members.

We endeavour to do all that we can to make this a Covid-safe event. This includes the removal of the prom portage to reduce spectator gathering and the provision of hand sanitiser in all appropriate locations, as well as limits on race numbers. Please work with us to make this a safe and enjoyable event for all by acting according to the government’s Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air policy at all times. If any attendee tests positive for Covid-19 within a week of attending the event, please inform the race organisers to allow us to cascade this information as necessary. 






3.5 km

(Actual 3.3 km)



Mini K1

Mini K2

Under 10 Men*, Under 10 Women*, 

Under 10 Men, Under 10 Women

*new championship event, open to any boat

Introductory mini K1 

Introductory mini K2

(Non championship events open to Geoff Sanders B and C paddlers ONLY).


6.5 km

(Actual 8 km)


Under 12 Men, Under 12 Women

Under 14 Men, Under 14 Women

Over 54 Men, Over 54 Women

Over 59 Men, Over 59 Women

Over 64 Men, Over 64 Women

Over 69 Men, Over 69 Women


Under 12 Men, Under 12 Women

Under 14 Men, Under 14 Women

Over 54 Men, Over 54 Women

Over 64 Men, Over 64 Women


Under 18

13 km

(Actual 12.6 km)


Under 16 Men, Under 16 Women

Over 34 Women, Over 39 Women

Over 44 Men, Over 44 Women

Over 49 Men, Over 49 Women


Under 16 Men, Under 16 Women, 

Over 44 Men, Over 44 Women, 

Over 34 Women



Senior Men, Senior Women


Senior Men, Senior Women

20 km

(Actual 21 km)


Under 18 Men, Under 18 Women

Over 34 Men, Over 39 Men


Under 18 Men, Under 18 Women

Over 34 Men

26 km

(Actual 25.2 km)


Senior Men, Senior Women

Under 23 Men, Under 23 Women


Senior Men, Senior Women

Seeded and Combined Starts

All ages are calculated at 1st January 2021

There must be at least 5 entries for a National Championship race to take place.  

Where a race is inquorate, the paddler may transfer to another class for which they are eligible [see rule 43a].  If the paddler does not wish to race, they are entitled to an entry fee refund if the organiser is notified within 1 hour of the planned class start time.  

The organisers reserve the right to combine starts or to split starts based on entry numbers.  Where starts need to be split the organiser will seed paddlers based on Hasler divisions as detailed below.

Seeded Starts - The organisers reserve the right to seed starts where the number of entries to a class is larger than is suitable for our Covid Risk Assessment or would reasonably fit on a single line.  Where this is deemed necessary boats will be seeded based on Hasler Division.

The number of boats seeded will be determined based on the number and ability of the entries. 

A list of classes where seedings are to be applied will be made available at the earliest possible point after entries have closed.  Instructions for how these starts will work will also be issued. Late changes to crew boat may not result in re-seeding. This will be at the discretion of the organisers.

Combined Starts - Where races are inquorate or sufficiently small to reasonably allow combining, the organisers may combine starts.  A list of combined starts will be published at the earliest opportunity.  Information on if combined starts will be treated as two sets of results or a single race will be issued with the list of combined starts.


Paddlers may compete in races specified for those of a higher ranking but will not be allowed to compete in races specified for those of a lower ranking. (E.g. an Under 18 may race as an Under 23 or Senior but not as an Under 16 or Over 34).

Senior and Veteran Women paddlers may compete in a doubles crew in Senior and Veteran Men kayak races of the same or higher ranking.


All paddlers must prove current comprehensive BCU/SCA/WCA/CANI with membership or youth membership of an affiliated club.  

All competitors must be valid members on race day.

Membership proof needs to be confirmed on the online entry system. 

A competitor who has not raced before may buy an Event Ticket.

A competitor claiming to have membership but unable to provide evidence may also purchase an Event Ticket.


An athlete must either be a British Citizen and a current member of British Canoeing; or have been both a resident in the United Kingdom and a member of British Canoeing for at least two years. Please look at page F13 in the Racing Handbook for clarification. Racing Handbook


As per the Marathon International Selection Policy 2021, the following National Championship races (along with the short course assessment), will be used to assess paddlers for selection for the World Championships:

Senior Men K1 Senior Men K2

Senior Women K1 Senior Women K2

Under 23 Men K1 Under 18 Men K2

Under 23 WomenK1 Under 18 Women K2

Under 18 Men K1                                 

Under 18 Women K1                          

Under 23 athletes wishing to be assessed for selection for the team at Under 23 must enter their respective Under 23 class. Any Under 23 athlete who enters the Senior class will only be considered for Senior selection. C1s and C2s must race their respective National Championship classes.

All Junior kayak paddlers seeking selection for the World Championships should enter the appropriate Under 18 Men or Under 18 Women race. Under 16s wishing to be considered for World Championship selection should race in the Under 18 classes. Performance in Under 16 classes at the National Championships will only be considered for the Junior Development trips.

Athletes seeking selection for the GB U16 development team for the French National Championships (should it be possible to travel) should race in their age-group classes (U14 and U16, K1 and K2) at the National Championships, as all of these races will be taken into consideration when selecting athletes for this team.

All paddlers are reminded that a Marathon Racing Online Availability Form must be completed and submitted by the 5th July for consideration for selection. Link to the form can be found here: GB Marathon Team Availability 2021

Please refer to the Marathon International Selection Policy 2021 for more information.


The Marathon Nationals is a GROUP A Divisional race and therefore all of Part A rules 1-18 and rules 42-48 in the Canoe Sprint & Marathon Handbook apply.


Paddlers must race in their club vest to be eligible for points and trophies.


The British Canoeing Marathon Committee reserves the right under rules 32-33 to promote or demote on the basis of the results at this event.


Team leaders will be given a pack of pre-numbered vertical plates for all boats. Paddlers must only use these number boards.

Number boards must be returned after the race.


All paddlers using disposable drinks systems are required to mark them with their boat number.  Paddlers will not be allowed to proceed through boat control with un-numbered bags. Paddlers found with un-numbered bags at any time on the water will be asked to leave the course.

During the course of the competition, any items discarded by a competitor anywhere other than in a proper bin must be recovered by the athlete, or their bank support immediately. It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that this has happened.

An event official witnessing non-compliance with this rule shall report the infringement to the race organiser and the offending competitor could be disqualified from the competition. 

Any repeat infringements by the same competitor shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings by the Marathon Racing Committee.



Buoyancy aids are compulsory for all Under 10 and Under 12 paddlers and those ranked in Division 7, 8 and 9 irrespective of the race they are entered in.

This applies in singles and doubles races. Team leaders should decide if other paddlers should wear a buoyancy aid according to prevailing conditions. Buoyancy aids must comply with either the European Standard ‘EN393 or 395 or the International Standard ‘ISO 12402’. RCC Race organisers may require life jackets or buoyancy aids and spray covers to be worn and will have the final say as to who should wear them (except where this is covered by rule 5a(v)) depending on weather and water conditions. Such equipment must be provided by the competitors. The penalty for infringing any safety rule is disqualification from the race.


All paddlers and boats must go through boat control before each race.  

All boats must display the correct race number.

All boats must have sufficient buoyancy to remain afloat and to support the crew in rough water in the event of capsize. No boat will be deemed to be sufficiently buoyant purely as a result of its construction (e.g. vac bagged/sandwich or other construction) to fulfil this requirement, additional fixed buoyancy will be required in the form of foam, air bags and/or sealed bulkheads.

Once boats have been checked they must all remain in the pre-race holding/launching area.

If you are taking part in the ‘B’ races, do not present your boat for checking before the ‘A’ races have started, ‘C’ races before ‘B’ race starts and so on.

Once a boat has passed through boat checking it will be assumed that the paddler starts their race. If a paddler does not then race it is their responsibility to notify Race Control. 

Failure to notify control will result in your club incurring a penalty point. Failure to go through boat control will result in disqualification from the race.


Please let Race Control know ASAP if you retire. Failure to do so will delay results being processed and your club will incur a penalty point for any notification not received.


Competitors must be able to swim adequately in the waters on which the race is being held. 

All paddlers are required to render assistance to other competitors in distress.


There will be photos taken throughout the weekend as well as live streaming of the races to Facebook and YouTube. By entering the race(s) you are giving your consent for videos and photos to be taken. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Thames Promenade, Richfield Avenue, Caversham, Reading, RG1 8EQ. 

There will be NO ACCESS to the Canoe Club on the north side of the river.


Once in Reading, follow signs to Caversham. Richfield Avenue is accessed from the roundabout immediately south of Caversham Bridge, adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The race site is accessed via the public car park next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Richfield Avenue.


Car parking  is available within the marked areas on the Thames Promenade. 

Car park will open at 7:00 and close at 18:30 on each day.

The parking fee is £5 per day, card payments where possible. Payment can be made in cash but it must be the exact amount, there will be no change available.

If you require disabled parking please contact the organiser in advance to ensure that suitable space can be made available.


Plenty of accommodation is available in the Reading area, some very close to the site.  Accommodation search

A few options close by: 


Crowne Plaza
Premier Inn Richfield Avenue

Premier Inn Central Reading
Ibis Hotel

Crown Lodge
The New Inn Kidmore End

Joe Daisy Guesthouse

Sure Hotel (Best Western) 


Unfortunately due to restrictions imposed by the landowner we are unable to offer camping this year.


Toilets and stand-pipe water will be available on site. Disabled toilets will be available on site on the Promenade.

Dogs are allowed on site but please keep them under control, especially around the launch and disembarkment pontoons. Please ensure any fouling is cleared up.



Due to Covid restrictions no spectators are allowed on the race site.

For parents/ guardians and coaches who wish to follow their paddlers the majority of the course can be followed by bicycle. 


Paddler refreshments will be issued free to all competitors. 

Hot and cold refreshments will be available to purchase on the Thames Promenade site throughout the day. 

Waitrose Supermarket and Tesco Express in Caversham are less than 10 minutes’ walk.




Saturday 10 July


Thames Promenade, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ



Car Park Opens



Booking in opens at Race Control - Team Leaders only



A Starts


20 km:

  • K1 - Over 34 Men

  • K1 - Over 39 Men



  • K1 - Over 44 Men

  • K1 - Over 49 Men

  • K1 - Over 34 Women

  • K1 - Over 39 Women

  • K1 - Over 44 Women

  • K1 - Over 49 Women

  • C1 - Senior Men

  • C1 - Senior Women



  • K1 – Under 10 Men

  • K1 – Under 10 Women 

  • Mini K1 - Introductory Event



B Starts


6.5 km: 

  • K1 - Over 54 Men

  • K1 - Over 59 Men

  • K1 - Over 64 Men

  • K1 - Over 69 Men

  • C1 - Under 18

  • K1 - Over 54 Women

  • K1 - Over 59 Women

  • K1 - Over 64 Women

  • K1 - Over 69 Women


C starts – These are assessment races and will be held under assessment rules. Wash hanging of boats in other classes will NOT be allowed.


6.5 km: 

  • K1 - Under 14 Men

  • K1 - Under 14 Women

  • K1 - Under 12 Men

  • K1 - Under 12 Women 



D starts:  – These are assessment races and will be held under assessment rules. Wash hanging of boats in other classes will NOT be allowed.


26 km: 

  • K1 - Senior Men

  • K1 - Under 23 Men

  • K1 - Senior Women

  • K1 - Under 23 Women


20 km: 

  • K1 - Under 18 Men

  • K1 - Under 18 Women


13 km:

  • K1 - Under 16 Men

  • K1 - Under 16 Women


Booking in closes


Car park & site closes


Sunday 11 July


Thames Promenade, Richfield Avenue, Reading, RG1 8EQ



Car Park Opens



Booking in opens - Race control – Team leaders only



E Starts


20 km:

  • K2 - Over 34 Men


13 km:

  • K2 - Over 44 Men

  • K2 - Over 34 Women

  • K2 - Over 44 Women

  • C2 - Senior Men

  • C2 - Senior Women


3.5 km: 

  • Mini K2 Introductory Event

  • K2 Under 10



F Starts


6.5 km: 

  • K2 - Over 54 Men

  • K2 - Over 64 Men

  • K2 - Over 69 Men

  • K2 - Over 54 Women

  • K2 - Over 64 Women

  • K2 - Over 69 Women

  • K2 - Under 14 Men

  • K2 - Under 14 Women

  • K2 - Under 12 Men

  • K2 - Under 12 Women



G starts


26 km: 

  • K2 - Senior Men

  • K2 - Senior Women


20 km: 

  • K2 - Under 18 Men

  • K2 - Under 18 Women



  • K2 - Under 16 Men

  • K2 - Under 16 Women



H starts


13 km

  • K2 Mixed


2021 British National Open Marathon Racing Individual Team Championships COURSE MAPS



Entry Details

Race types

    • Senior Men Kayak Singles
    • Senior Women Kayak Singles
    • Senior Canoe Singles
    • Under 23 Senior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 23 Senior Women Kayak Singles
    • Under 18 Junior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 18 Junior Women Kayak Singles
    • Under 18 Canoe Singles
    • Under 16 Junior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 16 Junior Women Kayak Singles
    • Under 14 Junior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 14 Junior Women Kayak Singles
    • Under 12 Junior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 12 Junior Women Kayak Singles
    • Under 10 Junior Men Kayak Singles
    • Under 10 Junior Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 34 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 34 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 39 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 39 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 44 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 44 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 49 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 49 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 54 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 54 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 59 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 59 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 64 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 64 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 69 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 69 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Over 74 Veteran Men Kayak Singles
    • Over 74 Veteran Women Kayak Singles
    • Introductory Mini K1 Race
    • Introductory K2 Race

Entries are currently closed

Entries open
28 Jun 2021, 12:01 a.m.
Entries close
5 Jul 2021, 11:59 p.m.
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